GMO Free Heirloom Pima Orange Lima Beans Seeds

Heirloom Pima Orange Lima Beans, AKA Hawul – most delicious lima beans in North America – Endangered bean

15 seeds

These orange-colored endangered beans has many names… Pima Orange, hawul, and mottled lima.  Officially known as Phaselous lunatus, the pole beans are native to Arizona, specifically the Gila River Indian Community. Many people say they are the most delicious lima beans in North America, so they are definitely worth trying.

They grow as vines so I recommend stakes or trellises.  They are very drought and heat-tolerant so they do well with warm summers, like we experience in Phoenix.

I plant mine outdoor after the last frost.  You just want to make sure the soil is at least 65 degrees in order for the seeds to germinate.

Plant your seeds one inch deep, about five inches apart.  Although they are drought tolerant, watering will increase our yield…especially when the plant is blooming.  You should be ready to harvest in about 80 days.

All of our seeds are:




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