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The entire plant can be used for tinctures, extracts and teas. Herbalists suggest using it to treat cuts, abrasions, sores, insect bites, diaper rash… even hemorrhoids and athletes foot!

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You could have a miracle weed right under your feet. Purslane truly is a weed, but with its added benefits, you’ll be hooked to add this to your next recipe.

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We’re showing you simple, free ways to put your immune system on beast mode! Implementing these easy tips into your lifestyle will make it easier to offset disease and illness over time.

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Our focus...

Water: Water is our most precious resource. There are ways to harvest water that make it easy for the environment. Harvesting rain water, and atmospheric water generators are among a few simple options.

Organic Foods: Organic foods are a hot topic. Learn about several ways we use organic gardening in our own home, including Vegetable GardeningHerb GardeningMedicinal Gardening, Natural Remedies, Edible Landscaping, and Regenerative agriculture.

Zero Waste Lifestyle:  We’ve learned the sweet science or how nature recycles raw materials.  In participating in this process we rarely throw items into the land field.  Our zero waste lifestyle helps “solve tomorrow’s problems with today’s lifestyle” without feeling like you are sacrificing.

Join us offgrid...

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GreenDesert is going OFF GRID on a budget of $50K.
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We are transforming two shipping containers into OFF THE GRID container homes! That means using rainwater, solar panels, composting, growing our own food, recycling… we want to get as close to zero waste as we can!

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how to help
The is dedicated to sustainable living by using simple techniques that lessen the footprint on the environment. The goal is to encourage, inspire and inform people about the benefits of a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle, and to teach the importance of protecting our natural environment. As a result of this greener lifestyle, a multitude of current and future issues can be addressed. By doing this "we help solve tomorrow's problems with today's lifestyle". If we can make the desert green, we can be green anywhere. If you agree with our message, you can help further our research and development in several ways:

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