GMO Free Crimson Sweet Picnic Watermelon seeds

Crimson Sweet Picnic Watermelon seeds

25 seeds for $5

All of our seeds are NON-GMO, untreated and open-pollinated.


If you haven’t had Crimson Sweet Picnic watermelons, you are missing out!

They call them picnic watermelons because they’re huuuuge… perfect size for picnics and sweet like candy.  Our average watermelon this season grew one to two feet long.

And I don’t know about you, but the seeds are a must…  Makes me feel like it’s the watermelon from my childhood.  Mom would cut huge slices of watermelon and send us outside to enjoy it and we could be as messy as we wanted.  Those were the days… we’d spit the seeds out in the yard.  No surprise when we would see watermelon growing.

These days I give the seeds to the chickens and they luuuuuuv them.

Like I said, often the watermelon would grow from the seeds we spit out in the yard, so that tells you how easy the melons are to grow.



Choose a spot with lots of sun, at least 6 hours per day, and keep in mind watermelon needs lots of space to grow.  The vines can spread up to 10 feet long and they have deep roots.  I plant two seeds in well-draining soil with lots of compost about an inch deep, and I space them about 3 feet apart.  Some people give them up to 6 feet of space.

They germinate best in 70 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and the seeds tend to sprout within a week!

Water the seeds immediately after planting and frequently.  We fertilize our plants every 2 to 3 weeks.

They will be ready to harvest in about 85 days.


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