Water Generators 

According to the United Nations, the global consumption of water is doubling every twenty years.  More than one billion people already either have very limited or absolutely no access to fresh drinking water. By the year 2025 the increased demand for fresh water is expected to exceed by 56% of the amount currently available.

Produce your own fluoride free water from the atmosphere!!!

Many people have no idea that the extracting “water from air” technology exists, and most people have no idea how much water is readily available in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The atmosphere contains about six times more than all the worlds’ rivers.

Water Generators
An atmospheric water generator (AWG) produces water similar to the way rain is made.  It extracts humidity from the air and turns it into pure drinking water.  The device uses nature and science to make water in unlimited supplies.

You would think that with the low humidity levels in Phoenix that an atmospheric water generator would not work very well.  But we have had much success in our home; we often get enough water from our AWG for two people to drink the recommended amount of water daily.  And, when we have very low humidity days, we simply turn on a small humidifier to speed up the water-making process.

Why Water Generators?

Water from air is a completely sustainable, environmentally friendly source of water that is readily available for you to use every day.  You can have the most advanced water filtration system or water purification system in the world that treats tap water, well water, etc.  But no matter how good, efficient, or effective that system may be, they all require an existing incoming source of readily available water to treat and purify.

Other reasons to consider an AWG:

  • Cost much less than bottled water
  • Much easier on carbon footprint
  • Costs $.20-.40 as opposed to $.45-$5.00
  • Water is becoming increasingly scarce for some of the population
  • Requires no water source other than the humidity in the air
  • Water that we receive is dirty… filled with all sorts of contaminants including metals, bacteria and chemicals like gasoline

Our AWG has produced water as clean as 21 ppm. Our tap water measures roughly 350 ppm.

So say hello to water independence, healthier drinking water and substantial savings on your monthly drinking water bills.

Did you know?

Roughly 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water.

The ancient Romans had better water quality than people alive now.

A person needs 4 to 5 gallons of water per day to survive. The average American individual uses 100 to 176 gallons of water at home each day. The average African family uses about 5 gallons of water each day.

Believe it or not, Earth’s atmosphere contains more water than its vast oceans.