Bokashi How-to

You can make or buy your own Bokashi composter. In this How-to we will use the typical Bokashi composter as an example.  For more of an explanation on what Bokashi is, click here.

Bokashi How to

Step 1

Simply put your cooked and uncooked food scraps into the kitchen composter.


Step 2

Sprinkle a handful of Bokashi bran on top of the food waste each time you put scraps into the bucket. Ideally all of the food scraps should be covered with Bokashi bran.


Step 3

Press the material down using a trowel to extract the air from the organic matter.


Step 4

Keep the lid shut at all times. This is an anaerobic composting system – the less air the better.

Step 5

Drain any excess liquid produced using the tap at the base of the composter as often as possible. This allows the material to decompose at a quicker rate.


When the bucket is full, close the lid tightly and leave for around two weeks – this allows the fermentation process to commence. Any excess liquid should be drained off during the fermentation process.The resulting material can be added to a home composter. For best results keep this material covered with soil and other compostable material. Alternative dig into a trench in the garden and cover over.

Items that CAN and CANNOT be used with Bokashi.