Repellent herbs


Repellent Herbs

AntsTansy, wormwood
AphidsChives, cilantro, fennel, peppermint, spearment
Cabbage LoopersAnise hyssop, chives, nasturtiums, pennyroyal, sage, thyme
Carrot Rust FliesChives, rosemary, sage, wormwood
Codling MothsWormwood
Colorado Potato BeetlesCatnip, cilantro, nasturtiums, tansy
Cucumber BeetlesCatnip, nasturtiums, rue
Flea BeetlesRue, tansy, wormwood
Imported Cabbag Mothsanise hyssop, chives, dill, nasturtiums, pennyroyal, sage southernwood, wormwood
Japanese BeetlesCtnip, chives, garlic, tansy
Mexican Bean BeetlesRosemary, summer and winter savory
Slugs and SnailsFennel, garlic, rosemary
Spider MitesCilantro
Squash BugsCatnip, nasturtiums, tansy
Tomato HornwormsBorage, dill, opal basil
WhitefliesNasturtiums, thyme, wormwood