GMO FREE Moringa Seeds

GMO FREE Moringa Seeds that just keep on growing and giving — Did you know It’s called a miracle plant?!?

The Moringa tree is probably one of the most important all around medicinal plants.  Some call it a miracle plant because it pretty much helps heal whatever ailments you need to treat.  The benefits are endless… it’s known to improve the immune system, nourish the brain and eyes, lower the appearance of wrinkles, promote energy, act as an antioxidant, among so many other benefits.

It’s hard to believe the seeds are supposed to contain genetic information to prevent more than 300 diseases.

I drink the tea leaves daily, whether it be in a tea or the leaves being sprinkled into a meal. There is so much you can do with moringa leaves… eat them raw or cooked.  If you’re gonna plant a tree, plant a moringa. I’m glad I did.  As you can see in the photos, even the family dog sees the benefits… he likes the seeds.

It’s one of the most resilient trees we own in Phoenix… where the temperatures reach up to 120 degrees.

When we first planted the moringa tree, about 11 years ago, it was in a place where it got beat up consistently with my kids basketballs.  But every time we thought it lost its battle, it came back.  Now it’s a huge tree in our garden and it’s definitely fertile.  We have volunteer trees throughout our yard and our neighbor’s yard.

So each season, we wait for the pods to be ready to drop the seeds, and we collect them and save them for you

The tree itself is watered with rainwater, in Phoenix, so that tells you how easy it is to care for.  We’ve never had any pest issues so no reason to use ANY chemicals on the tree.


10 seeds for $5, plus shipping.


All of our seeds are non-gmo, untreated and open-pollinated.


Click the link below for moringa benefits, planting instructions and how to use it😃




Also below is a link to how you can keep your moringa leaves all year long


We also have an entire page of natural remedies for everything from sore throats, to gas, even high blood pressure.

Natural remedies


Check out some of our videos showing you how to be more self sufficient… which includes gardening and recipes of course!  We even built offgrid shipping container homes!!

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