GreenDesert is living sustainably in the Phoenix desert and we’re now off grid in Texas!

We transferred two shipping containers into offgrid homes on a budget of $50K each!

The goal is to get as close to zero waste as possible, not have monthly bills, and not wait until the official retirement age to really start experiencing life.  This journey has really shown us how simple it can be to combat tomorrow’s problems with today’s lifestyle… self sufficiency is key.

We built these tiny homes with the end design in mind, focusing on leaving less of a carbon footprint on Mother Earth.  So our GreenDesert Lifestyle came in handy — We’re using rainwater, solar panels, composting, upcycling, growing our own food, recycling everything we can including 100 year old family wood; we even built graywater systems… and we’re not done!

We’re documenting the entire process, so join the journey!