GreenDesert Lifestyle Engine Infographic


GreenDesert Lifestyle Engine Infographic


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This diagram is a road map to designing your future garden, or as we call it, your organic backyard grocery store and pharmacy.  Whether you have small pots in your window sill, or a huge urban garden, the goal is the same —  to yield more, spend less, conserve water and re-use as much as you can… ultimately lowering your carbon footprint and hedging inflation.

If you follow this cycle, over time your garden will grow and your food and medicine budget will decrease.

The diagram leads with the end in mind, helping you to continue building a naturally organic microbial-rich garden yielding healthy, bountiful harvests year after year.

Not only will you get beautiful gardens and fresh foods and medicine, but you will also yield the best microbial rich fertilizers money can buy.

This process is for those dedicated and committed to living an organic lifestyle. We’ve taken years to refine this process and had our engineer lay everything out so that we can see all of our connections at a glance.  It was astonishing to see the recycling cycle… how much it saved us in time, resources, money and we can’t forget the benefit to our environment.  It’s a prime example of how you can make your money consistently work for you.  This process allows us to recycle all of the organic matter that we buy from grocery stores, garden stores and of course the naturally organic materials from our backyard.

The process continues to evolve… very little ever leaves our property.  We consistently spend less and our garden consistently yields more.  This process has dominated all of our gardening designs as well as our off-grid lives as well.

It’s our road map to mimicking Mother Nature… we call it the GreenDesert Lifestyle Engine.



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