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Hibiscus, Moringa and Chamomile Tea Bundle — GMO FREE — Tea infuser, cups and tea bags included!! BONUS seeds!



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Hibiscus, Moringa and Chamomile Tea Bundle — GMO FREE — Tea infuser, cups and tea bags included!! BONUS seeds!


Whether you’re looking for an immune-booster, or something to relax your body and mind, the Tea Time Gift Set has everything you need.
Each bundles includes one ounce of homegrown dried moringa leaves, 20 hibiscus tea bags and one ounce of dried chamomile flowers, all GMO-FREE. And you can take it on-the-go because it also comes with a heart-shaped tea infuser, two tea filter bags, two biodegradable, compostable cups and a bonus pack of seeds of your choice. (Choose from any of the seeds you see in the GreenDesertLifestyle store.)
Get the bundle for $25 (valued at $40)
Mix the teas, or drink them separately. Either way, your body will thank you.

Don’t forget to choose your seeds!! All of our seeds are GMO FREE!

Moringa — The Moringa tree is probably one of the most important all around medicinal trees. Some call it a miracle tree because it pretty much helps heal whatever ailments you need to treat. The benefits are endless… It’s known to improve the immune system, nourish the brain and eyes, lower the appearance of wrinkles, promote energy, act as an antioxidant, among so many other benefits.

Hibiscus — It contains Vitamin C and iron, it’s a rich source of antioxidants and also helps reduce oxidative damage, which is known to exacerbate the aging process.

Chamomile — Chamomile has a high antioxidant content as well as many calming properties. It has long been used to treat anxiety and nervousness because of its ability to soothe the nervous system. That of course can also help reduce stress. The calming properties make it a wonderful sleep aid too.
All of our seeds are:


More benefits, natural remedies, planting instructions and recipes on our site at GreenDesert.org

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