25 GMO free Royal Burgundy Bush Bean Seeds

Heirloom Royal Burgundy Bush Bean Seeds, Non-GMO – Eat them raw or watch them turn colors while they cook

25 seeds

These beans look great anywhere you plant them!  The pods are a deep purple shade on the outside and a bright green shade on the inside.  Imagine how gorgeous they are when snapped.  It’s a stringless pod that you can eat straight off the plant.  If you prefer to cook them, expect the purple shade to turn green.  They are also great for freezing and canning and tend to be a bit sweeter than traditional green beans.

It’s a great bean to grow because it performs well in cooler and warmer planting zones.  And since it’s a bush bean, you won’t need to support it with a trellis.

The pods tend to grow about five inches in length with light brown seeds that you can save for planting.

You’ll want to wait until after the last frost has occurred to start planting.  The seeds will germinate once the soil temps have reached 65 degrees or higher.  Ideal temps for germination is around 77 degrees.  Expect the seeds to sprout within 2 weeks.

You can plant directly into the soil about one inch deep and three to four inches apart.  They do well in rows about 15 inches apart.  Plant every couple of weeks throughout the spring and early summer for a continuous harvest. Expect the plants to average at least 15 inches tall.

Harvest the pods at about five to six inches… 50-70 days.

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