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Bio-Sand filter infographic

This diagram shows you how to build a biosand filter (BSF). It’s one of the cheapest, simpler ways to purify water using sand, gravel, gravity and some simple engineering. You’ll find most of the components at the big box stores.

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A biosand filter (BSF) has been used for community drinking water treatments for 200 years. It is filled with layers of specially selected and prepared sand and gravel. The sand removes pathogens and suspended solids from contaminated drinking water. A biological community of bacteria and other micro-organisms grows in the top 2 cm of the sand. This is called the biolayer. The micro-organisms in the biolayer eat many of the pathogens in the water, improving the water treatment.

Keep in mind, the biosand does not flow continuously; The flow is directly related to how much water is put into it. This size filter used in our diagram is suitable for making drinking water for a family of 4. Larger filters can be made if more drinking water is needed. The filter container can be made of concrete or plastic. Sand filters are perfect for prepping, and in situations when you need to clean water and you don’t have power.

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