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How Jiaogulan can extend your life

I truly believe there is a natural remedy that can help almost any ailment… 

And it can be as simple as a free cup of tea.

Some of my daily ingredients are known for their miracle like abilities including moringa and hibiscus.

Another favorite is Jiaogulan… also known as the Immortality Herb… and for good reason.

When used regularly, tea from the immortality herb is believed to promote a long, healthy, disease-free life – it’s a supreme antioxidant, helps maintain blood pressure, boost energy levels, reduces bad cholesterol and enhances blood circulation… among other things.

Knowing all of that… doesn’t it make sense to add it to your daily routine?

I add Jiaogulan to my tea every day.

So for herbs this good, doesn’t it makes sense to grow them?

 We grow Jiaogulan indoor so that we can have it year round.

And it’s pretty simple to grow.

We started our plant off under a grow light for about 12 hours per day and it just took off.

The care process has been pretty simple because we haven’t had to play the guessing game with water.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your plants could talk… and you could actually understand what they were saying?

We used this Blumat watering system.

And the best part about it is the plants tell you when they’re thirsty, making it hard to over or under water them.

That in itself conserves water, a huge plus here in phoenix.

Did you know on average we get less than eight inches of rain per year? And that number is dropping.

Here’s how it works…

The system is built around clay cones called carrots.  They are stand-alone sensors that monitor the moisture in the soil and roots.

Each carrot regulates when water is released.

When the plant gets thirsty, the drippers slowly release water.  So every plant is individually watered.

What’s nice is we don’t have to use any electricity… it’s a gravity fed system, we simply have to make sure the reservoir stays full.  (We used a 5 gallon bucket for our reservoir.) 

We’ve left the system for more than four days and our five gallon reservoir still had water left when we returned, so this system definitely helped make the process more convenient – it gave us some flexibility.

Besides watering… we fertilize the plant every two weeks and that’s really it.

And since the plant is indoor we can add fresh Jiaogulan to our tea year round… just one way to grow your meds.

Whether you have a stomach ache, a cough or you just can’t sleep… look to natural remedies for some relief.




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