Society Garlic

The Must-Have Herb for every Kitchen

Is there one herb you can’t cook without?  You use it daily, in all types of dishes.  It’s part of what makes your food so yummy.

One of mine is Society Garlic.  You really can’t find it in stores but you can grow it, with no restrictions… even in a pot.  And let me tell you, once you try it, it’s sure to become a constant in your meals.

You can eat it raw or cooked.  I add it to my salads, beans, stir fry, eggs, stews… you name it.  And often I will cook with it, then add it fresh as well on top of some dishes.

Society garlic is definitely a must-have in my garden.  It’s resistant, grows year round and has gorgeous violet flowers, grass-like leaves.  That’s what I use in many of my meals! I chop them like garlic chives. I like flowers as a garnish… and they’re edible too!

I can’t say enough about this plant… it’s the type of herb that turns bland dishes into masterpieces.  Even more… it has benefits outside of the kitchen.

It’s known to repel mosquitoes, along with lots of health benefits including helping balance your hormones, reduce blood pressure and even help with depression.

What’s your Must Have Herb and Why?  I’d love photos!  Send them to me at [email protected].


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