Organic Beet Salad


I have to admit, growing up, I was not a fan of beets.

Mom always made it for Thanksgiving and I thought they were disgusting. But once I got older and wiser, I realized I was really missing out on a lot of benefits.

So we started growing them, mainly to get the nutrients from the leaves. Then we started adding the actual red root to our salads and I realized they had tons of flavor.

The kids of course were getting tired of them, so I had to be more creative. I had a lot of extra beets in the garden so I gave them to a friend and in return he brought me back some delicious beet salad that his wife made. 

We would be doing you guys an injustice if we didn’t share this recipe. Annette Watson says her mother taught her how to make the beet salad and I was surprised at how easy it was to make.



It didn’t take a whole lot of ingredients; in fact I had most of them already in my fridge and pantry.


You’ll need:




Plain Yogurt

Lemon Juice





Fresh Pepper



As for the measurements, Annette really just eyed everything and mixed it to taste.  I can tell you that for one beet, she used one whole apple and one carrot.

You will need to shred the beets into a big serving bowl.

Next sprinkle with a little bit of lemon juice to preserve the color of beets. Shred the apple and carrot into the bowl.  Next mix the mayo and yogurt with garlic, horseradish, pepper and salt and you’re done.

It really was extremely simple.

Even if you’ve tried beets and hated them, you have to try this recipe.  Trust me it is delicious!

And let’s not forget all of the benefits of the whole plant… think of it as red spinach.

There are so many antioxidants and nutrients in beets.

Tons of studies that show that beets can help lower your blood pressure, help fight cancer and inflammation, they are even known to boost stamina to help you exercise longer.

I even read that it can be used as an aphrodisiac.

Do keep in mind that often when you juice beets, you may see a little red in your urine.  Don’t freak out.  I know people who were afraid it was blood, so keep that in mind when you’re having lots of beets.


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Did you know?

cactiBeets are an excellent source for antioxidant, and is a brain and energy booster.

cactiBeets help with improving overall health, weight loss and is considered a power food.

cacti Beets have also been known to help lower blood pressure, fight cancer and inflammation.