We're all about being self-sufficient...

The GreenDesert.org is dedicated to sustainable living in the city by using simple techniques that lessen the footprint on the environment. The goal is to encourage, inspire and inform people about the benefits of a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle, and to teach the importance of protecting our natural environment.  If we can make the desert green, we can be green anywhere.



Our Focus

Water: Water is our most precious resource. There are ways to harvest water that make it easy for the environment. Harvesting rain water, and Atmospheric water generators are among a few simple options.

Organic Foods: Organic foods are a hot topic. Learn about several ways we use organic gardening in our own home, including Vegetable Gardening, Herb Gardening, Medicinal Gardening ,and Edible Landscaping.

How-To: Living green may seem overwhelming at times. However with the help of resources and like-minded others it becomes easier than you may think. This site shows you how to live a more sustainable lifestyle without feeling like you are sacrificing. Raising Chickens, Edible Landscapes, Composting, Chicken Composting, Worm Castings, Seed Saving, and how to use the Sun are all ways we enjoy the freedom of our lifestyle.